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Barbara J. May PA specialist bankruptcy and divorce attorney in Minnesota.

Barbara’s reputation is built upon her commitment to clients and in depth experience handling bankruptcy and divorce cases.






  • After the Love Has Gone...How to Handle Divorce and Bankruptcy

    After the Love Has Gone…How to Handle Divorce and Bankruptcy

    Even the most romantic of relationships can become torn apart when debt piles up and overwhelms every waking hour. It will come as no surprise that money and finances rank at number three in the top t...

  • On Bankruptcy

    On Bankruptcy

    Most adult Americans carry some form of debt, the most common being home mortgage, credit cards and student loans. Provided income exceeds repayment fees all’s well and good....

  • Minnesota Divorce

    Minnesota Divorce

    There’s no doubt that when a couple make their vows in marriage, they both believe that they are signing up for a lifetime commitment. Sadly, as we are all aware, that is not always the case....